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Our workshops provide a carefully tailored package in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, to help maximise your learning potential. Are you seeking a little understanding! Maybe you need help getting to grips with your first ever computer.

Are you completely new to all of this? Would you like to better understand how your technology works - what are the differences between the most popular software and systems? Why would you choose to own and use one type of device over another? How can you better use email and work with attachments? Can you surf the internet safely? How do you manage your photo library quickly and efficiently, what are the best ways to keep these precious memories safely backed up? How can you use online banking safely?  

Perhaps you have the basics down, but you are looking to improve your productivity with a particular device or piece of software. Would you like a better understanding of how to make all your devices work together? Need to brush up your skills, gain a better understanding of system security and configuration, improve your file management techniques, or even enter into the world of advanced image editing?  

Code and chips workshops can be tailored for the individual or for small groups, ideal if you want in home private sessions or a planned course for your staff members. Our sessions are always carefully planned to ensure you get the best from them. We consult thoroughly with you, and conduct initial interviews in order to deliver real improvements for you or your team.  

Fill in the workshop builder below to begin, and don’t forget that on top of our excellent prices we also offer discount to active armed forces, active emergency services, schools, OAP’s and clergy, making our workshops a very popular choice.

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"To err is human, to really foul things up requires a computer."


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Ideal for the new, shy or downright afraid! Basic instruction and Q&A sessions, helping you to get an idea of what all the fuss is about without getting flustered. Ideally these courses can be arranged individually, keeping things at your pace, stress free and focussed. You may however like the safety in numbers approach – we are happy to accommodate up to 6 persons in a course of session.

Word and Excel, what exactly can you do with them? Formatting, spelling, composition and customisation. A thorough look at the basics with accompanying keep-sheets for refreshing yourself. Relaxed paced sessions designed to help you gain confidence with office productivity software.

Ask me anything! Want to know how computers can help you to be productive, need to up your game for a new job, getting frustrated trying to use software that your children find a breeze. Based around a free interview – these individually tailored courses are designed for your specific needs, your specific questions. These courses are best individually or in small groups up to 4 persons.

Crooning after complex formulas, salivating at the prospect of relative and absolute references? Our intermediate courses are ideal individually or in groups up to 4. We can help you build on the basics, explore the further uses of office software. With keep-sheets and further reading recommendations, these courses will challenge your boundaries.

What next? You have confidence in your computing, but would like to explore more advanced functions. Be it in office productivity, computer security and management. Maybe you would like to go further with a particular piece of software, image editing and optimisation. These courses are best for the individual.

Are you worried about online security? With constant reports of malware, web attacks, spam and phishing, your online security has never been more important. From antivirus to firewalls and from banking to data back up, we can teach you how to safely protect all your devices and confidential data.

Would you like to learn more about networking for your home or small business? Learn how to diagnose common connectivity problems and how to resolve them. Keep things running smoothly in your office without potentially expensive and sometimes unnecessary call outs from your I.T. support professional. 

Are you fairly new to mobile technology, or perhaps you just haven't got around to making the most of your mobile devices and would like to know more? Learn about the apps and tools that can help to make your life easier.

As of July 2015 Google Play had 1.6 million apps available for Android users, while the Apple app store had 1.5 million and the Windows Store had 700K, so there most likely really is 'an app for that!' Whatever mobile platform you use, learn how to safely and easily find, download and install the best apps to suit your needs. From setting up and editing your mobile device screens, to permissions, widgets and beyond.

Whether you already have an established music collection or you are just starting out, make the most of your music across all your devices. Learn how to manage your music files between your desktop and mobile device, no matter what platforms you use and learn about the many streaming services available.

Learn to get the best from the camera on your mobile device. From taking photographs and videos to image editing and file management. Learn how to safely upload images to your PC, Mac or laptop to sharing your favourite shots via email, apps or social media.

Whether family, friends or business associates, staying in touch has never been easier. From text, email and calendar sharing, to Skype, Facebook, Twitter and many other social media platforms, you have numerous methods of communication available. Learn how to safely and easily communicate and share using your technology.

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